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ODM/OEM Customized PTFE Products

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PTFE sealing ring and other products are mainly used to strengthen the pressure in the cylinder, hydraulic system or valve without losing its sealing function, which can prevent the “extrusion” of the O-ring and increase its operating pressure. We can customize various PTFE products in the shape of circle, tube, funnel, etc.

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Product Detail

We can customize various PTFE products in the shape of circle, tube, funnel, etc.

It is made of polytetrafluoroethylene resin, sintered after cold pressing with a mold, and has excellent corrosion resistance, good self-lubrication and non-adhesion. Therefore, the product is resistant to almost all chemical media, and has the characteristics of wear resistance, pressure resistance and low friction coefficient. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical machinery, transportation, medicine, food, electric power and many other fields.

Products Advantages

High temperature resistance - working temperature up to 250 ℃.

Low temperature resistance - good mechanical toughness; 5% elongation can be maintained even when the temperature drops to -196°C.

Corrosion resistance - inert to most chemicals and solvents, strong acid and alkali resistance, water and various organic solvents.

Weather Resistant - Has the best aging life of any plastic.

High Lubrication - The lowest coefficient of friction among solid materials.

Non-stick - is the smallest surface tension in a solid material that does not stick to anything.

Non-toxic - It is physiologically inert, and it has no adverse reactions when it is implanted in the body as an artificial blood vessel and an organ for a long time.

Atmospheric aging resistance: radiation resistance and low permeability: long-term exposure to the atmosphere, the surface and performance remain unchanged.

Incombustibility: The oxygen limit index is below 90.

Acid and alkali resistance: insoluble in strong acids, alkalis and organic solvents (including magic acid, ie fluoroantimony sulfonic acid).

Oxidation resistance: can resist the corrosion of strong oxidants.

Acidity and alkalinity: Neutral.

The mechanical properties of PTFE are relatively soft. Has very low surface energy.

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